Monthly Archives: November 2012


Sebastian wins again

The RECORD Launch See website. Mr Sebastian-James Bode (University of Stellenbosch) in the category of most promising “blue sky” research project, for his work in solar ray tracing for CSP layouts and energy balances. Congratulations Sebastian!

Sasol Helio40 – it’s official!

The next step in the STERG technology R&D roadmap will be happening as Sasol sent the official award notification last week. This facility which we hope to have constructed after midyear 2013 and commissioned by November 2013 will ensure that we have experimental facilities to do almost everything we need to do on campus. Watch this space [...]

Negotiating the CSP maze

An article at the Engineering News about the realities of CSP for SA. To create CSP technology here or not. Fakir is the head of the Living Planet Unit at the World Wildlife Fund South Africa. The unit's work is focused on identifying ways to manage a transition to a low-carbon economy -

GeoSun Africa launched

Riaan Meyer is CEO and founder of GeoSun, a spin-off of the efforts at Stellenbosch University. GeoSun supplies the best satellite derived solar data around and installs solar and weather measurement stations in collaboration with Campbell Scientific Africa.

CSP Today sites STERG HTF/Storage work

The Heat is On - Research into Alternative Heat Transfer Fluids An article by Jenny Muirhead and Andrew Williams. Click on the link above or the logo to read the article. A snippet of the article below. As Johan Kotzé, PhD Student at the Solar Thermal Energy Research Group at the University of Stellenbosch explains, the [...]

Special PhD topic – Industry funded

Heliostat attenuation measurement method This PhD requires the a heliostat attenuation measurement system is developed, tested and validated. The project will be funded by Sasol and perhaps also by Eskom. The project can also include large central receiver plant modeling and optimization of the collector system. The following figure illustrates the spectral implication but the [...]