Monthly Archives: September 2012


Heliostat Tracking

STERG Heliostat Developments: Karel Malan, a STERG Master's student,  has developed useful software which calibrates a heliostat's position. To view the accelerated calibration, click on the link below: Software Calibrated Heliostat Open-Loop Tracking

Gemasolar CSP plant

The Gemasolar plant situated in Seville, Spain, is the first CSP plant in the world to sustainably operate  for 24 hours with a combined central receiver and molten salt system. The molten salt heat storage system allows for up to 15 hours of electricity generation without incoming solar rays. For more information on how the plant works click this [...]

Sebastian Bode, of STERG, winner at the Stellenbosch Idea Competion

Sebastian Bode, a second year MSc student and member of the Solar Thermal Energy Research Group (STERG) at Stellenbosch University is also a recent winner at the Stellenbosch Idea Competition. The jury of this competition had to face up to the challenge of choosing winners out of many inspiring projects submitted by young innovators shaping [...]

NRF Renewable and Sustainable Energy Scholarships

The NRF plans to announce a new program called Renewable and Sustainable Energy Scholarships. These scholarships will be associated with the various hubs, spokes and chairs around the country that do research under this umbrella. STERG is funded by the national Solar Thermal Spoke and all of our CSP topics for 2013 will qualify for these scholarships. [...]