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Doug Banks Renewable Energy Scholarship

A two year scholarship is available towards a Masters degree in renewable energy commencing in 2013 for South African citizens or permanent residents. Please go to the website for more information.    

News article in CSP Today – Authorities advocate CSP technology for South Africa.

A Value proposition of CSP for South Africa, an emerging market, is proposed by Paul Gauché of STERG and recognised by CSP Today in their article Authorities advocate CSP technology for South Africa.

News article

Solar could supply SA energy - expert

Position: Eskom Chair

Stellenbosch University has been identified as the Eskom Specialisation Centre in the Renewable Energy Technology in the Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute. As part of this programme, Stellenbosch University will establish the Eskom Chair in CSP in the Department of Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering to lead the STERG's research activities in this field.